3 Pack Rotary Shaver Head

3 Pack Rotary Shaver Head

3 Pack Rotary Shaver Head, replacement shaver head for RQ10

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Product Details

3 Pack Rotary Shaver Head


3 Pack Rotary Shaver Head

Brief Introduction:

this 3 Pack Rotary Shaver Head can fits for RQ10 Series shaver ,the foil and cutter already conbined together with the shaver head basement . the whole set packed in one blister card. very easier to carry to easier to replace. 


*3 pcs RQ10 foil and cutter fixed together .

*special leak design,  with more space to capture the beard, and facial hair . 

*each catrige can be floated in vavious direction. touch the skin so closely . 

*small but easier-carrying package .you can keep it in your pocket or bag .


Model No.: SN-SQ10/RQ10

Material: high precious stainless steel

Foil: two rings 

Blade: 15+9 cutter

Foil design: special leak design

Decoration Plate: OEM /ARCESS design

shaver head : whole set of the shaver head contain 3 pcs foil and cutter 

Washable: YES

Life: replace every 2 years

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