Foil For Shaver Cassette

Foil For Shaver Cassette

foil for shaver cassette

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Product Details

foil for shaver cassette 


foil for shaver cassette

Brief Introduction:

foil for shaver cassette , it fits for famous P brand shaver , cusotmer order this to replace the old or broken foil . good quality shaver cassette foil , ordered by many customer who have his own shop to fix some shaver machine . 


*main part of the foil is with Geometry shape design

*the Geometry shape  can catch the hair in different direction ,and make the shaver more easier

*all the fixing holes are with the same size and position as the orginal one 

*smooth surface  without any irritation .


Model No.: SN-FP

Material: No irritation stainless steel 

hole shape: Geometry shape 

Tenacity: high

Rust-Resistant :yes 

Washable: YES

Life: replace every 2 years

Fits for : P brand shaver 

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