Why Does The Blade Of The Hair Clipper Get Hot?

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Why does the blade of the hair clipper get hot?

1) Improper use. The lubricating oil should be added to the blades and moving parts, otherwise the heat will be increased due to the lack of oil, and at the same time, the wear of the components will be accelerated and the service life will be reduced.

2) Whether the rechargeable hair clipper or corded, heat is normal, because the moving blade and fixing blade have friction. for the rechargeable type, now in Cina, the standard temperature for heating is 50-55 degrees, so above 55 degrees is overheated, the heating is also related to the length of time, when we test, the machine is continuously operating for a long time, so the longer the blade rubs, the hotter it will be, but at the barber shop, barbers all use it for a few minutes, then turn it off, so the heat will not be obvious. 

How to solve?

The cutter head lacks lubrication and the resistance is too great. The hair clipper should be cleaned regularly and dripped into the lubricating oil, otherwise the cutter head will rust and clip the hair. Electric hair clipper must pay attention to maintenance, simply: clean + dry + drop of oil. There are two types of hair lubricating oils: mineral oil and synthetic oil. They have excellent overall oil properties, are clear, transparent, durable, odorless, and are not thick in winter. Electric hair clippers are fast and have high requirements for lubricating oil. Full synthetic hair clipper lubricants should be used.

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