What To Look For When Buying Hair Clippers

- May 25, 2018 -

 What to look for when buying hair clippers 

1. Blade material

Most basic models have blades that are stainless steel, which is a good material for hair clippers as it’s rust-resistant and holds a sharp edge . Mid-range clippers have blades coated with titanium or carbon, which can improve longevity and performance. And some expensive models have ceramic blades, which are extremely sharp and don’t dull easily but can be fragile.

2 . Corded or cordless

There is not much difference in performance between cordless and corded hair clippers. However, cordless models will only run as long as the battery holds out, whereas corded models will run as long as you need them to. Decide whether you prefer the convenience of going cordless or the ability to keep on clipping until you’re done.

3. Length adjustability

All clippers should give you the ability to trim hair to a variety of lengths: a close buzz cut, a longer crop, or short back and sides with a longer trim on the top.Some hair clippers have adjustable settings on the side of the unit, while others use guide combs, which you slip over the blades to adjust the trim length.



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