What Is The Definition Of Charger, Lubricant, And Brush?

- Apr 21, 2018 -

What is the definition of charger, lubricant, and brush?


Hair Clipper Charger

Rechargeable hair clipper with standard accessories. The general market charging hair clipper supports both flush and plug (the battery can be used continuously when the battery is dead). It should be noted that different types of hair clippers cannot be used in combination with the charger. To ensure safety, the charger needs 3C certification.

Comb/Positioning Comb/Protective Comb/Side Comb

There are generally 12mm, 9mm, 6mm, 3mm size combs that can be placed on the head to manage different sizes of hair, such as bald heads, flat heads, inch heads, etc. The baby can also manage the sun's head and so on, some hair clippers also There are corner combs on the left and right sides to make it easier for users who have no haircut experience to manage their over-smooth hair styles on both sides of their ears.

lubricating oil

The standard accessories of the hair clipper are used for the cutter head. After each treatment, the lubricant is used to drop a few drops on the cutter teeth to protect the cutter head.


Easy to clean hair on the hair clipper

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