What Is An Electric Hair Clipper

- Apr 21, 2018 -

What is an electric hair clipper

Also called hair clippers, sub-plug-in and battery-type, easy to use, new home essential care appliances.

Adult hair clippers, which are manual and electric, are also called electric faders. In the past more than one hundred years, haircuts have been performed mainly by this type of manual hair clipper. Adults and children are using this kind of haircut. The hair clipper; electric is usually everybody sees in the barber shop, its head divides the titanium alloy head and the steel head, its characteristic is:

1, long life, can be charged while haircut, due to the requirement for a long time, so the battery capacity will be more;

2. Because adult hair is thicker and harder than a child's, it requires more motivation.

3, large heads, charge function requirements can be learned, the need for larger batteries, wide blade head;

4, due to the requirements of durability, knife head material mostly steel, titanium and other durable materials.

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