What Is A Baby Hair Clipper? How Do You Choose A Baby Barber?

- Feb 16, 2018 -

In the modern family, a haircut is synonymous with fashion, usually in the cognition of the public, need to go to the barber shop, a haircut and abroad, consumers not only go to the barber modelling, also bought a used his family of a haircut to a haircut for his family. With the gradual improvement of the domestic consumption level, more and more families to realize a haircut in the home is a healthy lifestyle, fashion consumption concept gradually shift from exquisite fashion to focus on health, buy the family special haircut, has become many emerging family care appliances one of the necessary standard.

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, hair clippers have quietly created a new segment of the industry, which is specifically aimed at children's baby hair clippers. Baby haircut is the starting point is for child health, let a child at the time of immunity is not so perfect, especially when head growth is not yet complete, as far as possible avoid contact with the source of infection, also is such, baby hair arises at the historic moment.

How do you choose a baby barber?

The baby's hair is long and mom and dad are starting to think about buying a baby hair clipper. But the new parents were stumped. How to choose a baby barber? I don't know if these clippers will be too sharp or too loud. At this time, small make up can help father and mother to go out.

Choose a baby hair clipper, focus on the following aspects!

1. Watch waterproof function and mute effect.

When choosing a children's hair clipper, parents must consider waterproof function and mute effect. Because the baby is usually cut, if the barber's voice is too loud, it is easy for the baby to produce a sense of fear, so the hair clipper must be quiet. In addition, it is very important to clean the hair after the hair cut, waterproof function of the hair clipper can be easy to clean the hair after the hair.

2. Look at the cutting head

The head of the hair clipper should be good enough sharp, the general stainless steel tool head is not good, had better be ceramic. The head of stainless steel is used for a long time or it will cause rust to affect the turning of the head, it will easily hurt the baby's head, so it is better to choose the ceramic tool head. Although the ceramic knife head is fragile, but the cost performance is high, the service life is also long, the shear force is sharp, also can avoid to clip the hair of the baby during the haircut.

3. Look at the appearance

The appearance of hair clipper is also multi-purpose, the baby hair clipper should choose colorful, modelling is more lovely, because this can attract the attention of the child, let the child love not to let go. This will also make her (he) fall in love with a haircut, so that parents no longer need to worry about not having a haircut.

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