Whal Clipper 's History

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Whal Clipper 's history

WAHL CLIPPER. is a wholly-owned manufacturing company specializing in the production of hairdressing and beauty equipment. In 1919, Wal-Mart introduced the world's first practical electric hair clipper. It is the world's most famous multinational manufacturing company for hairdressing and beauty equipment, with a global production and sales network.

The American Wall Clipper Company, headquartered in Sterling, Ill., invented the world's first electric hair clipper in 1919. So far, Wal-Mart has established strong production and production in the United States, Germany, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and China. The R&D base has become the world's largest manufacturer of various beauty care tools. It has global famous brands such as WAHL, MOSER, ermila, Lister and SmartGroom, and its distribution service network covers more than 160 countries and regions around the world.


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