We Got Good Feedback From Our Brazil Customer For Hair Clipper Sample Model SN-H03R

- Nov 29, 2018 -

We Got Good Feedback From Our Brazil Customer For Hair Clipper 

Sample Model SN-H03R

today, i got good feedback from our Brazil Customer for hair clipper sample model SN-H03R.

new hair clipper model SN-H03R

this cutomer is very professional, he has a barber shop, and looking for this corded and cordless type hair clipper. last week, he tested this model, and told me he like it, it's very good cutting, very quiet, and very light, so it's suitable for barber use.

but the problem is the operating time, he said, after 100 minutes charging time, but does not support even 2 hours, after heared this, i am also confused, as i know, after full charged, this model can work about 3-4hours. so i made a test again, you can see the above picture, the display showing 86, it means the remaining battery still has 86%, not 86 minutes. fininally, after confirmed with our customer, our customer understand this.

this model is best for barber shop use, if you also have interest, can contact me at any time, i can share our testing video with you, and our sample can be sent for your reference.

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