USA Customer's 6.5 Inch 4Cr13 Barber Scissor Set Samples Are Finished , Handle With Golden Coating

- Mar 28, 2018 -

USA customer's 6.5 Inch 4Cr13 barber scissor set samples are finished , handle with golden coating

As USA customer FORGICA LLC 's request ,, we make a new sample of barber scissor for there confirmation . 

with 4CR13 material , and 6.5inch . the handle was supposed to be golden color, but as the sample is hardly to making the coating, so we use our stock coating handle for referecne. 

the whole set including straight scissor and thinning scissor , cutting edge is preciously grind , and with surface highly polished.  it's fitting for some student to use . 

barbers scisso 6.5inch.png

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