UK Customer's Repeat Order For 800pcs Nose Trimmer Is Ready, Already Sent Out By TNT

- Nov 26, 2018 -

UK Customer's Repeat Order For 800pcs Nose Trimmer Is Ready, 

Already Sent Out By TNT

we got the repeat order of nose trimmer from our UK customer, it's the seventh order from him this year, on average, there is an order every month, and the quantity is gradually increasing. 

for this kind of order, in total 5ctns, we all delivery them by express. usually, 800pcs or 1000-2000pcs, can be finished within 5days. so for us, we can provide the fastest delivery speed, so our customer is very satisfied with us. so if you have interest to try, we can also start with small order, like our UK customer, from few hundred pieces, can add quantity in the future if the sales gose well.



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