The Types Of The Hair Clipper? Do You Know How Many Types Of The Hair Clipper

- Mar 06, 2018 -

Types of Hair Clipper :

*according to the power : manual hair clipper , electric hair clipper 

*according to the user: adult hair clipper ,baby hair clipper , pets hair clipper 

*according to the funtion : professional hair clipper ,hair trimmer 

Manual Hair Clipper :

It has about hundred years history, mainly made of  stainless steel material ,now, only few barbers or someone like the old traditional type still use this kind of the hair clipper . the size for this type is very small , easy to hold, but without any efficiency. 

Electric Hair Clipper:

The electric hair clipper also have two type, one is the corded hair clipper , always need to keep the cable pluged in. Another is the rechargeable hair clipper or we call it cordless or wireless  hair clipper .

The corded hair clipper also has hundred years of history, Mostly used at barber shop, and till today, many barbers or hairdressers still love to use them ,  

The rechargeable hair clipper  has short history, but it develop very fast  due to the light weigh, easier operation , and long lasting time.  In china, most of the salon and barber shop  use the rechargeable one . few still use the corded one . 

Adult Hair Clipper:

Mostly used for adult in barber shop , salon or home , with the size that fitting for adults hands ,and with big power and professional blade . 

Baby Hair Clipper:

This hair clipper is new developing and special market ,Parents focus more on there kids , and the size of the child hair clipper need to fit for woman hands , with smaller and cute design, with  small and thin blade, safe and with lower noise . Japan and Korea markert are the two main market for the kids hair clipper . 

Pet Hair Clipper:

The pet hair clipper is used to trim the animals fur , like dog and cat . we also can call it Grooming Tool. it needs more professional and good quality blade , and much stronger motor . 

Professional Hair Clipper:

This is what we said, used by barbers and hair dressers , the quality is with professional level , with stable and strong power , sharp and long lasting blade, big capacity battery, etc. it can support the barbers to use for the whole day along . It used to cut the main hair  or fade or taper the hair . 

Hair Trimmer :

Hair Trimmer is mostly used after the hair cut, making some precious cutting with tattoo, or trim the sideburns . it can make the whole hair style more clean and beautiful. 

Hair clipper is designed with a little bit smaller size as hair clipper , and with thin and narrow blade also. 

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