The Treatment Methods For Electric Hair Clipper Common Fault Machine

- Dec 10, 2018 -

The Treatment Methods For Electric Hair Clipper Common Fault Machine

1, the coil heat is burned out

(1) If the use time is too long and exceeds the allowable range, the new coil should be replaced and the conditions of use should be improved.

(2) The armature is killed by long-term power supply. The head should be cleaned or the armature position adjusted.

(3) The coil insulation is aged or the coil is subjected to vibration to short-circuit the internal turns. The new coil should be replaced and secured.

2, the speed power supply does not sound, does not move

(1) Switching moving contact fatigue is inelastic. Replace the switch or replace the moving contact piece.

(2) The power cord is broken and the connector is loose. Replace the power cord or re-tighten the joint and wipe off the sludge at the joint.

(3) There is dandruff in the switch causing the power supply to open. Apply a brush to remove dandruff.

3, the power supply has electromagnetic noise, but the electric clipper does not move

(1) The upper and lower blades have too much dandruff and they are stuck. The dandruff should be removed.

(2) The tablet screw is too tight. Re-adjustment should be carried out based on the appropriate tightness of the lower blade.

4, not sharp

The blade edge is worn. Re-blade the blade or replace it with a new one.

5, loud noise

The screw spring adjustment is not good. Update each screw.

6, leakage

(1) The insulation of the coil lead wire is damaged. Reprocess the lead wire insulation.

(2) The power line is twisted and damaged and the inside is damp. Replace the power cord and re-insulate it.

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