The Reason For The Hair Out Of The Oil

- May 03, 2018 -

The reson for the hair out of the oil 

Hair is prone to oil mainly due to two reasons:

1 . Hereditary factors. Some people are born with natural hair oil. It is easy to get oil from day to night even if they are not dry. This is because the level of natural hormones causes sebaceous glands to be sensitive and excessively secreted.

2 . Caused by our own actions : 

      1) Staying up late is the chief culprit in the hair's love for oil. It stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil and causes the hair to run out of oil. Staying up late at night can cause hair to run out of oil. At the same time, greasy, stressful, and tense emotions can also lead to an instant increase in oil secretion.

      2) Sebum is secreted according to information feedback, so if you wash your hair too often and wash the oil on the scalp, the cortex begins to be in an oil-deficient state and begins to secrete new oils, which leads to oil secretion. More and more, hair is getting oily. So you will find hair even if you wash your hair every day or oil quickly.

      3) Choose the wrong shampoo containing moisturizing ingredients, it is likely to aggravate the problem of oil, the baby is more likely to oil the baby should pay attention, be sure to use strong oil control products, oil shampoo main purpose is to clean, but The shampoo stays on the surface of the scalp for a very short time and has a very limited effect. At the same time if you often use wax or gel water will increase the greasy hair.

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