The Origin Of The Window Barber Cape In China

- Jun 05, 2018 -

The origin of the window barber cape in China

Ren Haonan is a student in the third grade of the sixth grade of the Experimental Primary School. Her sister is a hairdresser. He found that many people are boring when they are doing haircuts. They may want to read books or play mobile phones, but their hands cannot reach outside the cloth. Is it possible to invent a cloth for haircuts that will make haircuts easier and more enjoyable in the process of dyeing and dyeing?

On a rainy day, the students were dressed in raincoats to go to school. Ren Haonan saw some classmates' raincoats were transparent and suddenly came inspiration. In fact, you can open a mouth in front of the cloth and sewn with transparent plastic paper so that you can read and play with your mobile phone through this “transparent window”. “My elder sister also felt that my idea was feasible. We put a piece of transparent plastic paper on the opening from the front chest to the knee of the cloth in the shop. We held the mobile phone and the magazine in the cloth and saw it clearly in the cloth. "Ren Haonan said.

Afterwards, this new type of haircut cloth was well used in the hairdressing shop. The guests were full of praise. Watching this invention as very practical in life, it applied for a patent for invention through the patent office to the State Intellectual Property Office. I did not expect that this application would lead to business opportunities.


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