The Ni-cd Battery That Used In Hair Clipper

- Nov 30, 2018 -

the Ni-cd Battery that used in Hair Clipper 

Ni-cd battery is one of the battery type that used in the hair clipper market  , 3 or 4 years ago , most of the hair clipper , hair trimmer manufacture ues this battery a lot  , but now , only some hair tirmmer and some cheaper price hair clipper use this . 

the Capacity of the NI-CD battery can not reach high , it's limited  and the charging time is really longe, can the working time is really short , that is why , now, for all the new developed hair clipper model, no one like to use this kind of the battery.  

But it depends on the market, if your market request lower consuming level , NI-CD will be a very good choice . 

Comparing with Hair Clipper, hair trimmer use Ni-cd battery more, because hair trimmer usually used after the hair clipper , for some precious haircut ,it doesn't request so longer working time.  

During those two year, the comb over hair style becomes so popular , and the hair  trimmer used a lot for making this hair tyle, and customer all request us to make the working time much longer , So now, more and more hair trimmer start to use the lithium battery instead of the Ni-cd battery . 

For gettingh more information  of the NI-CD battery hair clipper, pls e mail us ! 

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