The Kinds Of Rolling Combs

- May 28, 2018 -

 The kinds of rolling combs 

There are many kinds of rolling combs, such as ceramic roll combing, hairdressing roll combing, circular roll combing, wood roll combing, and general barbershops are plastic type roll combs. At present, many roll combs are available in the market. This type of roll comb is softer and can avoid hair damage when the hair is combed. So in addition to this roll comb can help you create curls, straight hair. The specific role is as follows:

1. Rolling comb can evenly distribute the oil at the root of hair to the head and make the hair more glossy. Appropriate scalp oil can also protect the hair, of course, too much will be very greasy.

2. The growth condition of hair curling scales of human armpit hairs and human hair is similar. When combing hairs, it can better comb hair dust and make the hair more clean.

3. Rolling combs with bristle bristle material have less damage to hair and reduce static electricity, which can effectively reduce hair loss.

4. In fact, when combing hair, it is equivalent to massage the scalp. It can promote scalp blood circulation and make hair more healthy.


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