The Key Point Of Baby Haircut

- Jan 03, 2018 -

The baby's first haircut, you can at home, you can also find a professional barber to the house haircut.

If you are at home to the baby haircut, first of all to buy a suitable baby haircutter is very important, the noise is very small or mute haircut, eliminate the baby's fear and the blade will not have direct contact with the baby's skin, hair length is You can control yourself with the included attachment.

Prepare barbershoe with soap and water before cleaning to ensure the hand hygiene. Sterilized with alcohol cotton machine used to cut hair.

For baby haircut gentle action, not with the baby rivalry, to follow the baby's movements. Always pay attention to the baby's expression, if the baby is not happy, want to cry, please stop shaving work immediately. This is done to prevent the baby from bumping into the baby when crying. The entire barber process to continue to communicate with the baby, encourage the baby, distract the baby's attention, and to achieve the purpose of mutual cooperation with the baby.

Finishing hair, it is best to immediately clean the hair broken baby, do not let broken hair fall into the baby's eyes.

If parents are concerned about their own bad management, you can find a professional barber to manage the baby haircut, be sure to choose a skilled and experienced barber. Moreover, the hairdresser must pass a health check. Barber tools have to be carefully examined, must use a baby-specific hair tools, and undergo a rigorous disinfection. There are some free hair care charity agencies can come to your baby haircut, is also a good choice.

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