The Importance Of Regular Replacement Of Shaving Heads

- Apr 26, 2018 -

The importance of regular replacement of shaving heads

If you don't clean the shaving head , there will be grease on it . And the remaining epidermal cells will be used as a source of nutrient , so the number of bacteria will grow rapidly , and even more than on money . In addition ,  moist shaving head  are also a factor that contributes to bacteria because the growth of bacteria requires a moist environment .

There were experts who had done investigations . They randomly sampled 10 shaving head and found that there were as many as 100 million germs in their germs , which was a thousand times more dirty than the money handled by many people .

Experts said , “With the action of 100 million bacteria, if bacteria infiltrate into a honeycomb-like subcutaneous fat layer , it will cause cellular tissue inflammation, accompanied by edema , erythema, fever , chills , and overall fatigue . Symptoms such as headaches or joint pains etc . Therefore , it is important to replace the blades regularly !

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