The Difference Between A Child's Clipper And An Adult Electric One.

- Mar 31, 2018 -

The difference is not big, mainly is material the baby is slightly better. Qc5130 has good universality and is suitable for adults and infants. The electric clipper must be lubricated periodically, otherwise it will damage the head and clip the hair. The lubricating oil of the hair clipper is mixed with mineral oil and oil, the electric hair clipper spins fast, and the lubricating oil requirement is very high, and must be lubricated with the whole synthetic hair clipper.

The PHlLlP hair clipper USES a full synthetic hair clipper oil from tiger head hotolube or kluber kluber. The cheetah leopard has 120ML white oil pot packaging, easy to use. All synthetic lubricants are clear and transparent, durable, tasteless and thick in winter.

Durability of mineral lubricating oil, a haircut is much less than the fully synthetic hair oil and smell is bigger, resistance to low temperature is not enough, the winter will be very thick, but the price is cheaper, recommended for manual device using a haircut.

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