The Blade Difference For Professional Hair Clipper And Hair Trimmer

- Mar 08, 2018 -

the blade difference for  professional hair clipper and hair trimmer

Professional  hair clipper  has two type , one is the corded , another is cordless /rechargeable . The blade for this kind of the hair clipper is usually with wide ,thick and  big size  comparing with trimmer blade. 

moving blade material is ceramic for codless hair clipper, and stainless steel for corded hair clipper 

fixing blade material is stainless steel with coating of titanium, or higly polished . 

the teeth gap is larger and more stable and durable, can meet the need of barbers whole days operation . 

Hair Trimmer also has two type, one is the corded , another is cordless . The blade is very thin and small size with very tiny teeth and small teeth gap, it can support 0 cutting and leave really short or bald hair cut . now in the market , the famous hair trimmer is with T outliner , in china market , we also got many similar design of model with this kind of the blade . 

For barber shop,one professional hair clipper  adding one piece of hair trimmer are the most common and neccessory combination for each barbers or hairdressers . 


                 hair clipper                                    hair trimmer 

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