The Application Of The NI-MH Battery For The Barber Hair Clipper

- Nov 29, 2018 -

the Application of the NI-MH battery for the Barber Hair Clipper

barber hair clipper NI-MH battery

Ni-mh battery , as we all know, it's environmental battery compring with Lithum battrey . it's more safe and well accept by many Europe Countries for many home appliance.  

the same, Ni-mh battery used a lot for the Barber Hair Clipper market . and now, still many factoray use this type of battery for there international orders.  

Ni-mh battery 's Max capacity  is about 1000MAH for hair clipper, charging time is long ,  like 8 or 9 hours and use for 90 minutes.and it can  make  the hair clipper with lower noise comparing with others battery type.   

Barbers all like fast speeding and power hair clipper, it can help them increase the efficiency , however , each barbers will have 2 or 3 mahcine prepared , so short working time hair clipper  also can be accepted by them , if the machine 's power , the blade quality can reach to there requested level . 

We supernanny have many professional hair clipper with NI-MH battery. all tested by many barbers,if you have interests, pls contact us ! 

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