The Application Of The Lithium Battery On Rechargeable Hair Clipper

- Nov 28, 2018 -

The Application of The Lithium Battery on Rechargeable Hair Clipper

Lithium battery that used on the rechargeable hair clipper is just developed during the past 3 or 4 years.and now,  this battery used a lot for each hair clipper manufacture . 

Most of the Barbers  like to choose the lithium battery as there priority , becuase of it's big power , fast recharging , and long last working time . 

However ,as the lithium battery , there are many level , quality  in the market ,if we are not professional enough,  we can be easily cheated. 

One point that we check the quality of the  hair clipper lithium battery is the rest fo the active battery capacity after used after half or one year . 

Cheap cost battery has few months life . and better one will keep 60 %-70% active battery even after used for the whole years.  

That is why , in the market . some lithium hair clipper sell with cheaper price, but some with higher price ,  battery quality is one of the main aspects. 

Testing the quality in short time is impossible and not resaonable,  if you have plan to order . better get sample, and ask barbers to test .  because they use a lot each day , and will very easily catch all the good or bad points by using everyday.  and it can helps  you  to choose the right model . and not waste your money ! 


---by Supernany .Margaret.Cai 

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