Taking USA And India Customer Visiting The Bath Tub Factory , To Place The Trial Order

- Mar 18, 2018 -

taking USA and India customer visiting the bath tub factory , to place the trial order

Accoridng to customers request, we accompany with USA and India customer to visit the bath tub factory for pets use .Customer checking there warehouse,assembling line, and showroom, and place a trail order to test the water in USA and India market . this is there first try for this product. 

The pets bath tub is a new products that start to growing in the two years , and the factory that mking this kind of the products is few. This products is usually used in the pet shop , pet hospital ,for swimming,relaxing ,massage. 

Now , in Japan , Korea , and China market ,the market for this already opend ,and we will see this everywhere.so, this products also have a huge potencial  market for other market for distributor or customers that deal with the pet products . 

So , if you have any need for the bath tub , pls contact us for detail information .thanks. 


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