Supernanny Get Some Professional Feedback From UK Customer For The Raising Of Hair Clipper Blade Temperature

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Supernanny Get Some Professional Feedback From UK Customer For The Raising of Hair Clipper Blade Temperature

Some customer will ask , why the hair clipper blade getting hot and hot when it works ? and the rechargeable hair clipper gets hot faster than the corded hair clipper 

That is becuase , the small cutting blade moves in a very fast way,  the touching surface of the small blade and big blade will easily raise the temperature . how fast the temperature will go up and how hot the blade will be depends on the RPM ( the motor running speed ) and the material of the blade set .

Firstly , if the hair clipper model you choose is for professional use , that meanS, used in barber shop or salon . the RPM is at least more than 5600  . and some model have two or three different running speed for optional choice, reach to 7000RPM ,  7000RPM model blade is hotter than 5600RPM model and raise temperaure fast .  

But if the model you choose is for home use , or not professional use. you can choose some  cordless hair clipper with basic and simple function and with lower than 5600RPM running speed . it can help you to avoid or reduce the hot problem for the blade set . 

Secondly . the material of the blade set is very important , especially the big blade material . now, in market , most of them is stainless steel + plastic . you know, plastic is very hard to transfer the heat . now, we are working on replacing it with Alloy steel , or with carbon steel . changing the material of the blade will raise the cost of the whole clipper price , so if you have the interest for that , can have a try . 

However , the heat of the clipper blade is the problem that we can not avoid . no matter which new material we use ,  it will for sure got the heat.  what we can do is how to control and reduce it to a level that we all can accept. 

here list you some feedback from one of our UK customer , who is a famous hair dresser , and using many brands of the hair clipper.  his  comments for the blade heating can be the referance for us when choose the hair clipper . 

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