Sheep Clipper

- Jul 09, 2018 -

 Sheep Clipper 

A lot of my cliens asked me for sheep clipper , so today I introduce our sheep clipper to you . Here are some details for your reference :

Model No.: SN-ST001
Input : AC 110-240V 50HZ
Power : 320W
Cable : 6M/19.6 feet
Blade: SK5
Weight : 2.9 KG
Cutting Speed : 3000 RPM

And our sheep clipper has 2 types of running speed , one has 6 level renning speed , another one has only one renning speed (max) and others are the same . If you have interested in our sheep clipper , please feel free to contact me ! I can send you some pic and quotations for your reference .

sheep clipper 2.jpg

sheep clipper 1.jpg

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