Replacement Durable Blade Set For Cordless Hair Clipper Can Use For Really A Long Time

- Nov 25, 2018 -

Replacement Durable Blade Set for Cordless Hair clipper Can Use for Really a Long Time

By meeting our customer in Hk Cosmoprof who worked with us for 5 years,we got one feedback that , our replacement blade set that they ordered or some quanity that we supported as a free gift can not sell well in there market. 

Hearing of this, our first feeling is :oh my godness !!!

However  , their next explaination makes us happy again. they said , they already sold many quantity of our professional hair clipper model for barber and for pets also. and they have the plan to sell the blade seperately , to replace some old blade or broken blade ,but they try and asked so many customers, all the blade they use still in good condition , and no need to replace after one or even two years usage . 

We are really happy to hear this information, our blade set is durable use. no matter the stainless steel comb blade or the ceramic cutting blade, all highly precious grinded and polished. If without dropping the blade on the floor and broken the teeth , we can gurantee the blade with at least 1 year life. 

Most of our hair clipper are for barbers  and training schools, with professional level , if you market belongs to those type , hope we can get the first step of your inquiry  here . 

titanium Ceramic Hair Clipper  Blade set

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