Professional Hairdressing Scissors Selection Precautions

- Jan 03, 2018 -

one. Look at work.

The level of scissors depends largely on the workmanship is fine. First, look at the workmanship to see the edge of the blade (ie, a white light inside the blade for the scissors two blade contact track line) is uniform and smooth, if possible, open the scissors, and then gently closed, feel the mouth is smooth; Second is See whether the sleek rail, and now most of the scissor rails are "U" shape, the Japanese scissors tend to "V" shape, but the end must be smooth; third is to see whether the handle ergonomic design, grip in the hands of the feeling of scissors Comfortable, fingers in the finger circle will not be discomfort, refers to the edge of the ring is smooth and mellow, muffler position is correct, the hand is solid, the tip is close, the screw is loose.

Two. Scissors to see the steel.

The most important condition of the hair scissors, of course, the steel is better, now commonly used high-grade scissors 440C steel (market price of at least 300 or more), the hardness of 58-60, especially made scissors, this steel has the best steel. Some German and Japanese mining 314 steel (Nissan), Damascus Steel (Sweden, Japan).

three. Hand feeling.

Of course, if the scissors meet the above criteria feel generally will not have a big problem, but the scissors are produced by hand, and can not guarantee that every one of the quality are perfect, and regardless of whether there is a problem with its quality, always to their own use Feel comfortable or not, because each person's finger shape and thickness are different, with a pair of scissors each person's feelings there will be subtle differences, we hope to ensure that they feel good on the line.

Four. Try sharp.

Here are two simple ways: First, take a single layer of facial tissue, wet with water, cut a hole with scissors, if the cut is smooth and sharp, scissors rough is unpleasant; Second, take a fine cotton thread (Cotton on the towel is also OK), with a scissors tip to cut, to cut off the tip sharpness.

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