Professional Hair Clipper Can't Cut Hair

- Sep 14, 2018 -

 Professional Hair Clipper Can't Cut Hair 

Possible reasons :  (1) the clipper blade has been seriously worn and needs to be replaced; (2) the clipper blade lacks lubrication and needs lubrication and maintenance.

The electric hair clipper is fast and requires a high level of lubricant. There are two major categories of hairdressing lubricants: mineral oil and synthetic oil. The performance of the fully synthetic lubricating oil is excellent, clear and transparent, durable, tasteless and not thick in winter. Fully synthetic hair clipper lubricants should be used for electric hair clippers.

Mineral oil hair gel lubricants are far less durable than fully synthetic hair clipper lubricants. They have a large odor, low temperature resistance, and are very viscous in winter, but they are cheaper and suitable for traditional manual hair clippers.



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