Pet Grooming Tools And Methods Of Use

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Pet grooming is an integral part of the process, the bristles are also very particular about the short-haired dogs can be used to brush the hair coat and remove dead hair, in addition to bristle gloves, wide teeth comb, fine teeth comb, just Brush, brush hair board are commonly used carding tools.

Common carding tools: wide tooth comb, fine tooth comb, just brush, brush hair board, comb gloves.

First, the comb usage

1. First with a wide tooth comb (or knife comb) completely deep into the wool for carding, the purpose is to open the coarse knot.

2. Fine-toothed combs will be lined with fine hair (fur) separate, remove dead hair, be careful not to pull hard, so as not to hurt the GG.

3. Hair knot combing fixed time, you can gradually unlock from the outside or by hand, and then combing.

Second, just brush the usage

1. Just brush commonly used in comb hair, the final finishing comb hair type.

2. Just brush the length of the brush to be able to reach the skin through the layers of hair, brush is too short but easy to make hair knotted.

Short tooth brush can be used with short-haired varieties, long-haired GG with long teeth just brush.

4 bristles should be from the head of the GG, along the hair growth direction, backward brush down, reverse bristles will hurt the hair.

Third, the use of brush hair board

The bristles are on a square plate with bent metal shame and handle, and the purpose of bristles is to remove dead hair.

Fourth, the use of bristles gloves

Short-haired dogs can be used to comb the outer layer of hair and remove dead hair. Brush hair glove hair combing effect is not ideal.

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