Our Spain Customer Sample Order With 150pcs Porfessional Hair Clipper Are Ready, Waiting For Shippment

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Our Spain Customer Sample Order With 150pcs Porfessional Hair Clipper Are Ready, Waiting For Shippment

our spain customer order 150pcs as the sample for testing in their local market, including the professional rechargeable type, like model SN-F62/63/65, SN-SY567, SN-SY826, those models are cost-effective, the following are some details about them:

1) model SN-F62/63/65

Those three are similar, F62/63 has the charging stander , the  stander is special, no matter you put the machine in any direction, it all can  be charged , F62 is ordered a lot .because of the LCD screen ,which shows the operation time and running speed.


this model with NI-MH battery (not the lithium battery ), you  know, Ni-mh battery is environmental, the difference for those models are only  the appearance, you can choose one of them . for me, model 567 is much  attractive, because it has the decoration bar, if you increase your order  quantity ,can make your own color. 

3) model SN-SY826

the battery for those two models can be taken out , (others are  sealed inside ) some customer like this design, because they can replace the  battery very easily, but if sealed inside, we need to get rid of the whole hair  clipper.  we sell model 826 a lot , because it has the LCD screen , customer  like this design. 

also including some corded model, like SN-M01, W02. 

for those two models, we use 100% copper motor, with better power and  longer service life, so it can provide high performance power for cutting hair,  and not stuck when operating. For the blade, we can provide two types, one is  Chinese stainless steel blade, another is Japanese imported stainless steel  blade, with much better cutting effect. we made a test on animal fur, here  attached the video for your reference.

Today, we deliver the goods to Shenzhen warehouse.

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