Our Canadian Customer's Order With 1000pcs Ceramic Blade Is Ready, Already Sent Out By DHL

- Dec 14, 2018 -

Our Canadian Customer's Order With 1000pcs Ceramic Blade Is Ready,Already Sent Out By DHL

last month, our Canadian customer placed an order with 1000pcs ceramic blade, after about 15days production time, the goods is ready now, and arranged to sent out by DHL today.


this time, this customer just need those accessories, and those ceramic blades will be used on Wahl clipper. we are glad to give supports when our customer have requests for the hair clipper accessories. for his customer, his main business is some professional hair clipper, barber scissor and comb, those products are almost same as ours, so i already sent our product catalogue for him reference. i think for some similar and same models, we can quote better price, that's also a good chance.

if you are also looking for some hair clipper accessories, like ceramic blade or stainless steel blade, can feel free to contact me, i am here waiting for your inquiry.

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