New Developed Hair Trimmer Sample Finished And Delivery Out For USA Customer Testing

- Jul 18, 2018 -

New Developed Hair Trimmer Sample Finished And Delivery Out For USA Customer Testing

Today, we sent out the 9pcs hair trimmer sample to our USA customer for testing. this customer is special, he cuts hair for 20 years, very professional for choosing a good model, and now he plan to sell hair trimmer with good quality and new design on his ebay website. also, he designed a new model for personal use, i checked, looks very good, for us, we need to check the cost for opening the mould, i think for him, opening a new mould is expensive, if for his new business, will be very worth to try.

this time, he choosed 3 models, model SN-5017, SN-2158 and new model SN-911, 3pcs for each model. he told me, choosing a good quality hair clipper is easy, but very hard to find a trimmer with better quality and power battery. so i recommend he try to test our new model, now it's very popular with our customers.

you can see, model SN-911 with T shape blade, very small and thin, about 0.1mm, carbon-steel blade included, may be zero gapped. and this model with silver pd alloy motor of high rotational speed. for the battery, you know, there are some Ni-cd and Ni-mh battery on the market, but this model powered by lithium battery, 2 hours charge for 120 min in cordless use. also, it has charging indication, most customers like this design. and our France customer ordered 1500pcs with different color (blue, golden, and red), for you, we can start with the small order. 

so, if you also interested in this model, can contact me to take sample for testing first. 

TIM截图20180718151155.png TIM截图20180718151242.png



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