Motor Products Exported To Iran Require Mandatory COI Certification

- Jul 20, 2018 -

 Motor Products Exported To Iran Require Mandatory COI Certification 

COI (certificate of inspection) is a related inspection of Iran's import mandatory inspection requirements. When the exported product is within the scope of the COI list, the importer must carry out the inspection and issue a certificate in accordance with the Iranian national standard ISIRI. In order to obtain certification for export to Iran, it is required to be certified by an authorized third party (PQI, ASCO, SGS).

COI certification process of PQI testing organization

The general process of COI certification is as follows:

Prerequisites: First, please contact your Iranian client directly to our Iranian headquarters to apply for certification. The Iranian headquarters will then inform us that the China office will contact your company and begin the certification process.

Step 1: You need to provide the following documents: Performa Invoice, Packing List, Test Report. If you are paying by letter of credit, please provide a scanned copy of the letter of credit (L/C). These documents will be reviewed by the Iranian headquarters, and the final inspection can be arranged after the accuracy is correct.

Remarks: There are two types of test reports (Test Report). One is a certificate issued by a third-party laboratory, such as CE certificate, CB certificate, IEC certificate, etc. The other is a test report issued by your factory. But it must be in English and no Chinese can appear. The report must state the standards for testing. These standards can be: ISO international standards, US standards, European standards, British standards, Japanese standards, etc. Generally you only need to provide one of the test reports.

Step 2: Please fill out the Factory Consistency Declaration (SD-MD) document that we sent to you. Please fill out, sign and stamp it and send it to us.

Step 3: Please inform us three days in advance of the shipment date of your goods so that we can arrange the inspector to go to the factory for inspection and supervision, and inform us of the inspection address, inspection time, contact person's mobile number.

Step 4: After the product is shipped, please send us a scanned copy of the original bill of lading (BL) and the original certificate of origin (CO).

Step 5: After the Iranian headquarters confirms all the documents, it will issue a COI certificate and send it directly to your Iranian customer for customs clearance.


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