Matters Needing Attention In Using Baby Hairdresser

- Sep 09, 2018 -

1. in order to avoid injury, the knife edge of the hairdresser should be checked in advance.

2. Long-term use, the main engine and blade will heat, it is recommended to shut down the machine for 10 minutes, otherwise the temperature will burn the baby too high.

3. remember to disconnect the power supply after use.

4. when you trim your hair, you don't need to wash your baby's hair.

5. baby hairdresser can not water, nor repair wet hair, otherwise there will be circuit failure.

6. there is a breakdown in the hairdresser. Do not disassemble and repair it privately. It is better to choose professional maintenance.

7. be careful when trimming the temples and ears, not too close to the baby's skin.

8. baby hairdresser is a special tool for baby's pruning hair. Don't use it to trim pet hair.

9. after use, remember to clean up the broken pieces in time and collect them again.

10. Keep the barber out of the baby's reach in case they get it damaged or hurt themselves.

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