Iran Customer Place A Tail Order For Digital And LED Hair Clipper For Hairdresser Use

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Iran Customer Place a Tail Order for Digital and LED Hair Clipper for Hairdresser Use

Iran is very special market Moser is use a lot for all the barbers , and then , some private brand  like Gemei Dingling also well accept by most of the barbers. 

It's really hard to intoduce other higher quality hair clipper there ,   market can not accept the price.  Like in the Dubai exhibition , we met many Iran customer who is the distributor or barbers or have the training school . they all confirm our quality but if they want to sell our model , the market is not allowed .  

So,  when we found the customer in IRAN have the interests for our models, we really treausre the chance, and hope to have deep talk , try to found the way to develop one or two models  that which can start with small order.

Below two models are what customer choose:

We sincerely hope to find one cunstomer who willing to introduce our models to iran market, though the beginning is hard , future is bright ! 

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