IRAN Customer Confirm The Order Of The Hair Clipper Blade, Hair Clipper Accessory (blade Set ) For Corded Hair Clipper Model M01

- Mar 21, 2018 -

IRAN customer confirm the order of the hair clipper blade, hair clipper accessory (blade set ) for corded hair clipper model M01

Today, Iran customer place the repeat order of the replacement blade set for traditional corded hair clipper as below photo shows . 

this hair clipper is the old corded hair clipper , but very popular used in Iran and Middel East Countires. People all like to use it. and the blade set is  replacable , usually after using for few months , we need to change it with new set blade. 

the material of the blade is differ for moving (small)blade and Fixing (big )blade. 

moving blade is with carbon steel . which can support higher hardness and sharper cutting . 

Fixing blade usually made with stainless steel  coating with Nickel.

The advantage of our blade is the U shape teeth , very close as original one, and can make more efficient cutting .  

If you have the interest, can take some sample for testing . 


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