Introduction To Teeth Scissors

- Apr 10, 2018 -

 Introduction to teeth scissors 

1.The density of the tooth

In general, the teeth are between 27 and 40 . The number of teeth is the percentage that can cut off the hair when it is cut . In other words , 35 teeth can be cut to about 35% .

2.The shape of the teeth mouth

The shape of the teeth determines the structure of the cut . Common have flat mouth, V word mouth and U word mouth .  The flat mouth is a relatively early design , because the hair will slip away from the mouth when the cut opening and closing , so the proportion of thin is not enough . There are grooves in the mouth of V and U, which can be fixed in proportion to the teeth . The other blade can cut off the hair in the mouth , and the hair outside the mouth will let it slide naturally . The use of these two kinds of teeth is more , which can achieve the natural effect on the top and the bangs , and can meet the requirements of natural pruning .

3.The width of the teeth mouth

The width of the teeth of the general tooth scissors is 1-1.2mnm (fine teeth) , and the grooves only contain 1 to 2 hair. But some special designs, the width of the tooth mouth of 3-5mm (coarse teeth) , groove position can hold 5 to 10 hair ,  the number of teeth cut to 7 to 14 , these tooth scissors are specially designed for some special hairstyle structure . The use of coarse tooth scissors can make the top and middle short hair styling reach a very strong sense of mixing and hierarchy .



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