India Customer's Trial Order Of Professional Scissor For Pet Is Finished

- Mar 18, 2018 -

India customer's trial order of professional scissor for pet is finished

For the scissor of pets  ( dog and cat) , the material we can use is 4CR13, 9CR13  440C -China ,440C-Japan ,9cr13 is the most common one we use now, because the price can accept by most of the market , and also the quality.

440C Japan is better than 9ct13 for the duable life . and for india market ,most of the customer will accept the 4CR13, but as now, the pet market there is developping , the vets use the scissor a lot, they request higher quality one, so 9CR13 and 440C Japan are recommend a lot. but after the market open and go normal and customer has the request or demond for home use , we can recommend the 4CR13 as the economic one.  



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