How To Use Pet Hair Clipper Correctly ?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

How to use pet hair clipper correctly ?

Here are some tips on how to use your dog's hair clipper to solve your life problems. Get the tools ready , a pet dog and a pet hair clipper .

Firstly , Comb the pet  hair that needs to be trimmed . If it is a whole body trim or local trim is very dirty ,I suggest cleaning first and then biowing dry , finally trimming .

pet hair clipper washing.jpg

Secondly ,  you need to touch your pet dog for a reward . In order to avoid the pet's nervousness, you need to talk to it while it is trimming ,  and giving it encouragement . 

pet hair clipper touch.jpg

Thirdly ,  Correct pruning sequence : Start from the foot to the torso ,and then  trim the hair on the head and face . Let it adapt slowly and you can do it well .

pet hair clipper .jpg

Finally , It's really necessary to choose a good pet hair clipper .  Our pet hair clipper are really good and I think you will like it when you use it .

pet hair clipper 9600.jpgpet hair clipper 9600.jpg

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