How To Use Baby Hairdresser

- Sep 09, 2018 -

First, sterilize the baby before using it. Second, trim the baby's hair in a way that doesn't fit well. If they don't, it's easy to hurt them. The best time to trim is when the baby goes to bed and eats milk. Only in this way can the baby get a proper haircut safely and quickly.

The baby's hairdresser has many functions, not only trimming the whole hair, but also repairing hair and temples. Here are the specific ways to use baby hairdresser:

1. trim the whole hair.

(1) First, according to the need to trim the length of hair, choose the appropriate comb, generally 3-6 mm and 9-12 mm two kinds.

(2) the bottom of the comb is tightly attached to the baby's scalp and pushed from the four sides to the top of the head.

(3) It can be shaved repeatedly so that it is evenly trimmed, or alternately so that no residual hair is left.

2. trim hairline

When trimming the hairline, pay attention to changing the length of the comb, with 12 mm hair trim comb, to replace 9 mm comb trim hairline, 6 mm into 3 mm.

3. trim your ears.

(1) the front part of the blade touches the skin lightly and advances in the same direction. Note that the comb should be removed ahead of schedule.

(2) hand hold your baby's ears so that they can be pruned more conveniently.

(3) it is safer to use the arc blade at both ends.

4. trim the temples.

When trimming sideburns, the hairdresser should be trimmed at right angles.


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