How To Use A Pet Shaving Machine?

- Nov 11, 2018 -

One of the first things we should pay attention to when using pet shaving is not to get too close to the skin. Since the razor itself is sharp and the dog's coat is long, it is easy to cut the skin if shaved directly against the skin. So start with a distance from the skin.

The other thing to notice when shaving is that it's best to shave for a while and then turn off the shaving machine for a while. Because the shaving machine works all the time, the cutting head will have a burning problem. If the shaving machine continues to work, the temperature of the blade will be higher. If you accidentally touch the dog's skin, the dog will feel pain and refuse to shave.

When shaving, also pay attention to some operations, such as shaving the feet from the back, so it is safer and the dog will not be too resistant. When shaving your belly, it's best to find someone else to straighten the dog's body and curl it together so it's easy to shave the skin. Also be careful not to shave your dog's nipples. Also, don't forget to trim the hair around the anus and the soles of your feet. After shaving, wash the dog in pet shampoo, blow dry, and then give it a trim.

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