How To Test The Quality Of The Lithium Battery

- Apr 28, 2018 -

 How to test the quality of the lithium battery 

1. The fastest test method is to test the internal resistance and maximum discharge current . Good quality lithium battery , internal resistance is very small , and the maximum discharge current is great . Using a multimeter of 20A range , directly short-circuit the two electrodes of the lithium battery , the current should generally be around 10A , or even higher , and can be maintained for a period of time , and the relatively stable battery is a good one .

2.  Look at the appearance. The fullness of the appearance , such as a lithium battery of about 2000mAh , is relatively large .  The workmanship is finer or the packaging is fuller .

3.  See the hardness . The middle part of the lithium battery can be gently hand-kneaded or moderately pinched , and the hardness is moderate . No soft squeezing sensation proves that the lithium battery is a relatively high-quality battery .

4. See the weight . Remove the packaging to see if the weight of the battery is relatively heavy , if the heavy ones belong to high-quality batteries .

5.  In the lithium battery charged work process , continuous discharge for about 10 minutes if the battery poles do not hot , then prove that the battery protection board system is perfect , generally with high quality protection board lithium battery quality is better than ordinary lithium batteries .

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