How To Maintain Lithium Battery

- May 11, 2018 -

How to maintain lithium battery

1. Do not make the first charge more than 12 hours

When we purchase products with lithium batteries, many store attendants will tell us that the first charge of lithium batteries must reach 12 hours. In fact, this statement is not correct. Lithium batteries have already been activated at the factory, plus the self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is very low, so we do not need to charge lithium batteries for the first time as long as ordinary nickel-cadmium/nickel-metal hydride batteries. The Li-ion battery is fully charged and ready for use. Normally, the Li-ion battery can reach its optimum state after charging and discharging for 3 to 5 complete cycles (from full to full cycle time).

2 . Do not use inferior charger

Many of my friends take great care of their Digimon, but they ignore lithium batteries. When using the charger, if you cannot use the original charger, you must choose a brand charger with better quality and overcharge protection. Inferior chargers can make lithium batteries "short-lived," and they can charge batteries.

3 . Do not overcharge

Over-charged for a long period of time will cause the battery to always be in an "excited" high temperature state, which is not good for lithium batteries and chargers. Therefore, the charging standard is full. If the charger does not have overcharge protection, it is likely to make the lithium battery a small bomb.

4. Do not touch metal objects

Lithium battery contacts are often wiped, but pay attention to when the battery is stored and carried, do not let the battery contacts come into contact with metal objects, this will easily lead to short-circuit the battery, so that the lithium battery short-lived.

5. Do not use it often at high or low temperatures

Batteries have their own work and preservation environment. For a long time in an environment where the temperature is too high and too low, it will have a bad influence on the use time and life of lithium batteries.

6. Do not use it for a long time or not charge

If for some reason, the home digital equipment and lithium battery may be idle for more than 3 months, then we need to charge a certain amount of electricity for the lithium battery on a regular basis, and then save it. 30% to 70% of the power, depending on storage time and battery capacity.

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