How To Maintain Baby Hair Clipper ?

- Apr 03, 2018 -

How to maintain baby hair clipper

In recent years , the global economy has developed rapidly . More and more people pay attention to the hair industry and hair clipper are becoming more and more popular . Choosing baby hair clipper is the right choice , cos baby hair clipper is a big market in the world . However the service life of baby hair clipper is not long . In order to prolong the life of the hair clipper , I recommend that you would do regular cleaning and maintenance of hair clipper . 

Let me give you a brief introduction to the specific steps of  hair clipper maintenance . Firstly , maintenance of the blade . The children's hair clippers used by families are basically waterproof now. After the baby's haircut , take off the blade and clean the hair with a small brush which included in the baby hair clipper . And then rinse the blade with water , after cleaning you should be sure to dry to prevent rust . Next you should drop the oil on the blade . It's important to note that the blade must be replaced in time . 

Secondly , maintenance of the fuselage . Use a small brush to clean the hair on the motor head , and be sure not to flush the motor head with water . Than do not wash the fuselage with acid , it is best to wipe the fuselage with a neutral lotion . 

Thirdly ,  maintenance of the barrty . In order to maintain the battery life, it is better to charge the battery after use . It is also necessary to keep the electricity clean and recharge the electricity during normal use .  If you don't need the baby hair clipper , you should recharge your batteries once in a while . For more information , pls click :

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