How To Cut Your Own Hair By Hair Clipper

- Apr 04, 2018 -

Hoe to cut your own hair by hair clipper

Today , I will teach you a simple hair style by yourself with hair clipper .  The following picture is the final result , now let's get started .

round head hair by hair clipper.jpg

Firstly , choose the right hair clipper .  It's best to choose the hair clipper which can be recharged ,so that you don't worry about the hair clipper have no electricity when you use half . 

4 blade pet hair clipper set.jpg

Secondly , select the appropriate limit comb . This may be a lot of people don't know , because when we went to the barbershop ,  the barber don't use it . Actually  when buying a hair clipper , the limit comb is delivered . Can be a good hair style , the key is to use limit comb .

limit comb.jpg

Thirdly ,  choose the appropriate limit comb ,  generally 3mm , 6mm , 9mm , 12mm , also have longer . Try a longer limit comb first , and then take remedial action when you make a mistake. The sequence can be from both sides to the middle and back , and push the hair  evenly. Go around your ears from behind to front . Then hair in the back , cut the hair  from the bottom up . 

hair clipper_副本.jpg

Finally , when you cut your hair , you become more handsome.

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