How To Clean The Teeth For Pets

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Brushing your dog is the most direct and effective method of oral hygiene, but some dogs do not cooperate when cleaning teeth, coupled with some owners are not afraid to help dogs brush their teeth, you need to consider the use of other ways To help the dog clean teeth. So apart from the use of dog toothpaste, how to try to keep the dog's mouth clean it.

1. By cleaning teeth and other tools to clean the teeth: dogs can provide cleanliness toys. Chewing toys helps wipe away soft calculus on teeth, massage gums, and reduce boredom and stress on dogs. Choose those leather, nylon, or rubber chew toys. Of course, chewing toys can not be a substitute for brushing your teeth. They are secondary ways to keep your dog's teeth healthy.

2. Try different types of food to clean. Specifically designed for dogs clean food, while providing nutrition, but also can be used as a routine brushing teeth supplement. It is important to consider that even a special formula does not necessarily deal with all plaque and tartar. You can make the dog chew some raw meat bones, raw meat bones from the beginning has been a better tool for decompression. The bones can rub back and forth around the teeth, and the rough texture gently removes the plaque. It is best to choose a larger leg bone, to avoid the dog biting bite swallowing.

Consider using a dental spray. Teeth sprays provide a protective film against plaque and tartar. However, some dental sprays contain alcohol and it is best not to give dogs too often. In fact, the best way to clean teeth or brush your teeth, the reason why dogs do not want to use or we may use the wrong way, or not used to try as many times as possible, do not give up too early.

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