How To Clean And Maintain The Hair Clipper

- Apr 21, 2018 -

How to clean and maintain the hair clipper

The general hair clipper adopts a separate structure, and the cutter head can be disassembled to facilitate cleaning after each use. It is recommended to use a few drops of oil after cleaning to protect the cutter head.


The power composition of the hair clipper means that the faster the speed is, the more powerful the power is. Generally, the speed of the hair clipper used by adults is relatively high, because the adult hair is hard, but the relative vibration is relatively large; the baby hair is soft, the rotation speed is general, and the vibration is relatively small.


Hair Clipper Interior Composition

The hair piece's transmission part connects the motor and the cutter head. In the high-speed operation of the motor, the fine shaft of the shaft and the recess of the tool head cooperate with each other, so that the tool head teeth move reciprocally. The material of the shaft is plastic, iron, and copper. Because it is a high-speed operation, it is a wear-type component. Therefore, the metal shaft is generally better than plastic, and copper is better than iron.

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