How To Choose Good Barber Scissors

- Apr 03, 2018 -

How to choose good barber scissors

Firstly , suit your hand . Because each designer's finger shape and thickness are different  and the diameter of the ring will have a great impact on the sense of security used ,so designer need choose carefully .  Usually the hand shape is smaller, can choose handle type shorter barber scissors, so that when opening and closing will be more comfortable and relatively smooth.

Secondly , the main condition of a good pair of scissors is the material . At present , there are about 420J2 , 440A , AUS8 , 440C , COBALT , ATS314 , ATS34 , laminar steel  , V10 and so on in the market . In order to meet the requirements of professional designers ,  the hardness of the scissors must be more than 58~60 . 

Thirdly , touch sensation  . Because the advanced scissors are made by hand , different people use it ,  there will be different feels . In order to make sure that you have a good hand feeling ,  you need to feel your grip and find your most comfortable feeling .

Finally , when the scissors have the need to repair or maintain, it is better to send the scissors back to the original factory or reputable manufacturer maintenance.

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