How To Choose A Child Hair Clipper?

- Mar 31, 2018 -

1. Brand: choose the brand with trustworthy quality.

2, appearance: pay attention to the appearance of baby hair, want that kind of bright color, choose a children let the baby fondle admiringly haircut, can let the baby fall in love with a haircut, also do not need to worry for the baby is not a haircut.

3. Mute effect: the mute effect should be prominent, because the baby is usually cut off. If the sound is too loud, the baby will be prone to fear. So it's best to get used to having your hair cut after you sleep, so the clipper must be quiet.

4, waterproof function: strong waterproof and health into consideration, a haircut after the cleaning job is important, have waterproof function of children barber can easily cut the hair clean broken hair crumbs.

5, intelligent positioning comb: parents are not professional stylist, comb hair device containing positioning, can choose according to be fond of the length of the hair, such not only can shave their heads, you can also choose the length of the hair, create the ideal hairstyle.

6, ceramic cutter: stainless steel cutter used for a long time due to rust or affect the rotation of the cutting head, will be easy to hurt the baby, choose the ceramic cutter, although it is fragile, but high cost performance, service life is longer, the shear stress is more sharp, avoid when the baby hair clip hair.

7. Rechargeable: the built-in motor of the rechargeable hair clipper is better, saving money and convenient use. Both the cost and convenience of the rechargeable clipper have great advantages.

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